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HICS zu Besuch bei World`s Fastest Indian

van der Ploeg Eric 23.02.2018

Text aus dem Facebook Eintrag von ehayes MOTORWORKS

We were very excited to welcome a very enthusiastic group of overseas visitors into the store today. HARLEY INDIAN CLUB SCHWEIZ- The Harley Indian Club of Switzerland - are on the final leg of a New Zealand tour before returning home on Monday and dropped into the spiritual home of Burt Munro and the Authentic, Original, LEGENDARY World's Fastest Indian to pay their respects. 
With Switzerland being renowned as the home of precision engineering, we couldn't resist firing up Norman Hayes classic home-built engine to give them a taste of good old Kiwi ingenuity.
The Harley Indian Club Switzerland was founded in 1973 in Gösgen, Switzerland and today counts 179 members with Harleys and Indians.